What is CleverCreations?

CleverCreations.eu is a website featuring DIY projects, 3D printing projects, repair guides, and occasionally some tool reviews.

Its goal is to provide clear, informative content to help readers learn and overcome their challenges in making.

Step-by-step guides

Keeping the reader in mind, most of the articles come with step-by-step how-to guides. That way, it is easier for you to follow along and do the project yourself.

Growing up with a lot of LEGO and living in an apartment full of IKEA furniture, I have always found visual step-by-step guides a pleasure to work with.

Who is Tim?


Tim is the founder of CleverCreations.eu.

His interests include 3D printing, 3D design, programming and photography. On this site he shares his passion for creating, making, repairing and other hobbies.

When he is not working on any projects, he spends his time hoarding and organizing tools.

Feel free to use the contact area for any questions.

How to create DIY 3D printed plant labels.

3D Printed Multicolor Plant Labels

Plant labels (also known as plant markers, garden markers or plant name tags) are useful accessoires for any gardener. They let you identify your plants and make it easier to keep track of and organize your garden. As someone who does some occasional gardening, I too found myself looking for plant labels. I couldn’t find

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3D Printer Build Log – Z-Axis Assembly

3D Printer Build Log – Z-Axis Assembly

After building the frame, I have made some further progress with the new 3D printer. I installed the Z carriage of the printer and mounted and aligned all other components that facilitate the motion on the Z-axis, such as the linear rails and lead screws. As expected, aligning the linear rails and lead screws was

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A close-up of a triple-leadscrew system that is driven by a single NEMA17 stepper motor.

CoreXY 3D Printer Build Log – Frame

Time has come to build a new 3D printer. While the previous 3D printer I designed and built 5-6 years ago is still in use, I run too often into its limitations. It is starting to impact my workflow and has also been affecting my enjoyment of 3D printing. I think the best way to

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Three 3D printer filament storage boxes containing various rolls of colorful 3D printer filament.

DIY Filament Dry Boxes

When left out in the open, 3D printer filament can absorb moisture from the air. “Wet” filament can ruin our prints, and thus this is something that we want to avoid. In order to prevent filament from absorbing moisture, we need to properly store it. This means we have to keep it in a humidity-controlled

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How to repair and fix a PS4 HDMI port.

How to Fix a Playstation 4 HDMI Port

The Playstation 4 is a great console, but unfortunately it comes with some design flaws that can cause it to break. One of these issues is the HDMI port. It is fragile and is often one of the first things to get damaged on the console. One of the signs of a broken HDMI port

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How to Fix Mouse Double Click Problems

How to Fix Mouse Double Click Problems

A common problem in computer mice is that after a period of using them, they randomly start double clicking when you single click. This random double clicking often occurs after several years of using the mouse and can be very annoying. Usually it is the left mouse button that develops this issue. All major brands

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How to clean leather watch strap

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Leather Watch Straps

I am a big fan of leather watch straps. They are comfortable to wear and add style to any outfit. Unfortunately, if they are not properly cleaned and maintained they can get stained and start to smell. In this article I will share some tips for cleaning and maintaining leather watch straps, and show you

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A fully disassembled MGN12H linear rail carriage with all components laid out on a surface.

How to Improve the Performance of Cheap Linear Guides

Linear guides are an essential component when it comes to building 3D printers, CNC machines, and other machines that need some kind of linear motion. Unfortunately, the high quality linear guide rails are often too expensive for many hobby projects. Cheaper ones are available from China, but they can come with quality issues that limit

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How to use brass treaded inserts for plastic 3D prints.

How to use Threaded Inserts for 3D Prints

Threaded inserts are a great way to add strong and long-lasting threads to 3D prints. While it is possible to tap screw holes directly in 3D printed parts, these threads often wear down quickly. This is because the thermoplastics that we use for 3D printing are rather soft. To create durable threads in plastic, we

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How to use ultrasonic cleaner - Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners are amazing tools that allow you to perform in-depth cleaning on almost any object. From jewelry to watches, tools, firearm components, fuel injectors, carburetors and coins, it is hard to find a limit to what they can clean. Ultrasonic cleaning is a gentle but invasive cleaning method that, because of modern technology, anyone

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How to pause at height / pause at layer - 3D printing

Multicolor 3D Printing with a Single Extruder

One of the best ways to create eye-catching 3D prints is to print them in multiple colors. This is often referred to as multicolor printing. It is a great way to add extra color to your prints without having to resort to post-processing techniques like painting. Dual extruder 3D printers that allow for printing in

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Close-up of a pair of tweezers lifting a desoldered IC from a circuit board.

The Essential Guide to Desoldering

When it comes to repairing electronics, desoldering is an important skill to learn. Whether you want to replace defective or incorrectly placed parts, fix bad solder joints, troubleshoot an electric circuit or salvage electronic components, desoldering can help you do so. There are many different methods and tools you can use to desolder, which can

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Bondhus T-Handle Balldriver & Hex Set Review

Bondhus T-Handle Balldriver & Hex Set Review

If you have ever assembled pre-fabricated furniture, or do any kind of DIY building or repair, you have likely used hex keys before. Hex keys (also known as Allen wrenches or Allen keys) are an essential tool in any toolkit. They let you drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets and come in handy when

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What are the best soldering irons

Top 10 Best Soldering Irons in 2020

Whether you are a hobbyist that only solders occasionally or a professional that does it a lot, a soldering iron is an indispensable tool. Its versatility allows you to build and repair electronics or circuit boards, create jewelry, soldering guitar wiring and all kinds of other projects. To get good soldering results in a short

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Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Cleaners

Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Cleaners in 2020

When it comes to in-depth cleaning of items, ultrasonic cleaners are the ultimate tool. They can clean jewelry, dentures, glasses, fuel injectors and tools without breaking a sweat. They are also perfect for cleaning larger stuff, like carburators and gun components. Nowadays, ultrasonic cleaning is not just limited to professionals. Anyone can buy an ultrasonic

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Quick 861DW hot air rework station review

Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station Review

If you do any type of SMD repair work, like repairing phones or laptops, a hot air rework station is an essential tool. It allows you to quickly and efficiently remove SMD components from circuit boards. You can not only use them for desoldering, but for soldering new parts as well. Having a quality rework

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