Hi! I’m Tim. Welcome to CleverCreations.

CleverCreations is a place for me to share the things that I design, build, create, and that I am passionate about. I hope that these things can help you find inspiration for your own projects.

I have always been enthusiastic about constructing and deconstructing things. Growing up I loved taking things apart – which was definitely not the greatest joy for my parents. Building was a big part of my childhood as well, mostly using LEGO. The passion to build and create stayed with me over the years. I am happy that through my website I am able to develop this passion and share it with the world.

The projects you will find on CleverCreations mainly revolve around what I love the most: 3D printing and 3D design. I have other hobbies that I pursue and that will probably appear here as well. These are playing guitar, photography, cooking, exercising and reading.

You will find here plenty of original projects, unique items you can create for yourself and others, to improve your home and life overall. Many of the projects come with step by step tutorials and clear instructions to guide you through.

Feel free to browse the projects available. I appreciate any feedback you may have so if you want you can leave a comment to share your opinion or questions about these projects. You can also ask any questions you have through the contact page.

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Thank you for stopping by!