A map of the route of a road trip through Romania.

Last summer we traveled through Romania on a road trip. The route we took is shown above. In this article I will share some of my favorite pictures that I made during the trip.

A meandering road with mountains in the background.

A meandering road we traveled across from Bucharest to Sibiu.

A spectacular mountain view with clouds.

Mountain view in Valcea county.

A close-up of a spectacular mountain view with clouds.

A closer view of the same mountains.

The eyes of Sibiu with a clocktower in the background.

The "eyes" of Sibiu on the roof with in the background the Lutheran evangelical cathedral.

A rooftop of a house with the 'eyes of Sibiu', with a sun in the background.
An old Romanian house with grapevines.

An old house in the ASTRA village museum near Sibiu.

A gaggle of geese with geese jumping out of the water.

A gaggle of geese.

A windmill in the ASTRA museum near Sibiu.

A windmill in the ASTRA museum.

Church bells in the clock tower of a church in Cisnădie..

The church bells of the Lutheran church in Cisnădie.

An organ lit by a ray of light in a darkened church.

The organ in the Catholic church in Alba Iulia.

A house at the end of a wet road with a rising sun.

The house we stayed at in the Apuseni mountains.

A person watching the sunrise over the Apuseni mountains while drinking a cup of tea.

A morning cup of tea while watching the sunrise over the Apuseni mountains.

A toy cat stuck in driftwood.

A washed up toy cat in some driftwood.

Driftwood next to a river.

The rest of the driftwood for context.

Pink flowers in a field.

Wild flowers.

The interior of a salt mine with lights hanging from the ceiling and people walking on the ground.

The interior of the Salina Turda salt mine.

A salt mine with lights hanging from the ceiling and a wooden bridge.

Another shot of the salt mine.

A field with purple crocus flowers.

A crocus field in the botanical garden in Cluj.

A city with an old clock tower and other buildings.

The city of Sighișoara with its clock tower.

Machinery used for extracting dolomite.

Machinery in a dolomite quarry near Voșlăbeni.

A panorama of mining equipment with a person walking in the center.

More machinery. My dad in the center for scale.

A view of Brasov with its mountains and clouds.

The view over Brasov on the final morning. It was a truly unforgettable holiday and I highly recommend Romania to anyone who is looking for a location for a vacation and/or road trip.

Romania Road Trip
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