3D Printed Multicolor Plant Labels

Plant labels (also known as plant markers, garden markers or plant name tags) are useful accessoires for any gardener. They let you identify your plants and make it easier to keep track of and organize your garden. As someone who does some occasional gardening, I too found myself looking for plant labels. I couldn’t find …

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How to create DIY 3D printed plant labels.

DIY Filament Dry Boxes

When left out in the open, 3D printer filament can absorb moisture from the air. “Wet” filament can ruin our prints, and thus this is something that we want to avoid. In order to prevent filament from absorbing moisture, we need to properly store it. This means we have to keep it in a humidity-controlled …

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Three 3D printer filament storage boxes containing various rolls of colorful 3D printer filament.

IKEA ALEX Handle & Label System

IKEA ALEX drawer units are a great way to organize all kinds of stuff. The stacks of deep drawers offer a lot of space for storing a variety of things. Both in my home office and workshop area I use a lot of ALEX units to store tools, parts and other items I would otherwise …

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3D Printed labels and handles on an IKEA ALEX drawer cabinet.

3D Printed Rotating Desk Lamps

For a while I have wanted to improve the lighting on my desk. I didn’t really know what to build until I came across Opossums’ amazing 3D printed LED bridge lamp on Thingiverse. The lamp has a great design and I wanted to build it, but for my application I needed to make some modifications. …

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Two custom 3D printed rotating desk lamps on top of a desk with tools and containers.

Cat Litter Mat

A while back my sister and her partner asked me to help them find a solution for the cat litter that falls out of their cat’s litter box. Often after the cat does its business some of the cat litter sticks to its paws. As the cat walks out of the litter box the litter …

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How to build a cat litter mat

Mini Museum Display Case – Part 3

In part 1 of the Mini Museum display case project I 3D printed and prepared the components for the Mini Museum display case. In part 2 I soldered the electronics that control the LED strips and the ultrasonic sensor. In this final article I will do the final assembly and mounting of the display case. …

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3D printed Mini Museum display case with LEDs

Mini Museum Display Case – Part 2

In part 1 of the Mini Museum display case build I prepared the 3D printed components of the display case. In this article I will continue by soldering the electronics of the display case. Below I have described the step-by-step process for the electronics, as well as the materials and tools that are required for …

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Front view of a Mini Museum in a Mini Museum display case.


In our household we love to grow our own vegetables and herbs. It feels very rewarding to grow our own food. In the summer you can always find a collection of vegetables growing on our balcony. Last year we wanted to grow some okras, but we did not have pots that were big enough. Okras …

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How to build DIY grow bags out of IKEA bags.
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